MARION & PARTNERS Ltd was created in London in 2014 by Arnaud MARION.

MARION & PARTNERS Ltd is a top-level firm specialized in the operational management of crises, strategic analysis, distress situations, corporate restructuring (whether in bonis, legal or for preventive purposes) and negotiations.

MARION & PARTNERS Ltd works for family shareholders, family offices, investment funds or industrial groups, creditors, adopting a ‘custom-made’ approach based on its ability to interface with all stakeholders : public authorities, banks, minority shareholders and investors, unions, in a context of strategic redefinition.

Arnaud MARION has developed a high-level practice specializing in complex operations with a socially responsible approach.

The restructuring market has professionalized over the past ten years, organizing itself around skills that have become mutually interdependent.

MARION & PARTNERS Ltd, alongside the usual advisors (lawyers, auditors, consultants, chartered accounts) of companies experiencing difficulties, dedicates itself to manage instantaneously the restructuring operations.

“The crisis manager is an emergency doctor who has to be able to work fast and to lean on middle management; because not only has he not created the crisis, but he also has knowledge of the company.”

MARION & PARTNERS Ltd is the owner of TRANS CONSULT INTERNATIONAL in France which was created in 2001 by Arnaud MARION and has a very important track record in distress situations and restructuring.

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